Why Don’t Politicians Publicize Health Savings Accounts?

Throughout all of the Obamacare debates, hardly any mention was made of Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s).  In fact, every time I mention them to friends and family they have no idea what I’m talking about.

Yet HSA’s make healthcare affordable for most people, even those with limited incomes.  I’ve had an HSA for over 6 years and my monthly insurance premium has ranged from $100-150/month.

Sure, there’s a high deductible (about $2k) because I have a high-deductible policy but I have the money in my HSA to cover it.  Each year I can add more money to my HSA account and if I don’t spend it, it’s still mine.  It doesn’t revert to a company, like money in Flexible Savings Accounts.

Now, if affordability was the REAL reason politicians and so-called progressives (really regressives when you consider their economic policies will send us back to the Stone Age), why is nary a mention made about HSA’s?

It’s because they really don’t care about affordability.  They just want more power and control over peoples lives.  Those that don’t want the power and control just want to have others pay for their healthcare.  They’re moochers.

This was evident during the Sandra Fluke brouhaha.  She wanted free birth control access.  Essentially, she wanted someone else to pay for her birth control.  She’s a moocher. (On another note, I read she supports “free” transgender operations, too!) Nothing is free in this world.  At the minimum it takes someone’s time to produce.

If I want a new pair of shoes, I use MY money to buy them.  The same if I want to have a burger and beer. I use MY money.  Why should birth control be any different?  She should use her own money.  I don’t care if she screws 100 guys a month.  That’s her prerogative.  But she has no right to reach into my wallet to pay for it.

By wanting “free access,” she’s using code words for what she really wants: She wants to force others to pay for her birth control.  Now, using the word “force” doesn’t go over well with most people.  That’s why she uses “free access.”  Then again, she does want free access to other peoples wallets!


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