Vindication: CA Health Insurance Rates Up 22 to 88% According to State Commissioner

I’ve gotten some flack by claiming that my rates went up 77%. Many readers claimed I was lying and faked my screenshots. Well, here’s confirmation from California’s Insurance Commissar:

The cost of health insurance for individuals skyrocketed this year in California, with some paying almost twice what they did last year, the state’s insurance commissioner said.

But Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones predicted that insurers will ease up in the coming year to prevent California voters from approving tough new rate controls on the November statewide ballot as Proposition 45.

Insurers and opponents of Proposition 45 dismissed Jones’ comments as misleading and politically motivated.

At a news conference Tuesday, Jones said individuals this year paid between 22% and 88% more for individual health insurance policies than they did last year, depending on age, gender, type of policy and where they lived.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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