Obamacare Lie #2: Canadian healthcare is a shining success

If you believe this one, you’ll probably also believe that Obamacare will give you a free unicorn ride with every mandatory checkup. Did you know that it’s illegal to pay for private medical care in Canada? Yes, you heard me right. Illegal! Even so, every week private health clinics are opening. Wait a minute! Why would anyone break the law and pay for healthcare when they can get it for “free”? Why? Because Canadian socialized medicine is a big FAILURE.

Not only do you have to wait months to get life-saving operations or treatment, it’s also practically impossible to get a family doctor without waiting years. Government employees are telling people to seek private care if they don’t want to wait hours, weeks, or months for treatment. There is a lottery for family doctor openings. People in the United States will have no where else to turn to because we did have the best healthcare in the world.

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